What We Do

  • We offer a full range of ecommerce and multi-channel consultancy services to a variety of retail organisations.  Having worked and implemented solutions in e-commerce, store, logistics, merchandising and contact centre environments for over 10 years, we can help plan and improve your online sales coordinating e-commerce, telephone and store orders, experiences and services for maximum effect and maximum profit with maximum ease.

    We work with you to understand your ambitions then put together a proposal of how you can get there. Helping you to ensure you have defined objectives, measurable benefits, measurable spend.
    We ensure you have a compelling customer offer and experience backed up by a clear operational and technical plan.

    icon-3 E-commerce Fulfillment
    Whether you do or don’t have E-commerce fulfilment we will help you, giving you growth planning, automation, process and productivity improvement, competitor benchmarking, multi-channel integration and systems selection.

    icon-3 Contact Centers
    We will plan, setup and improve your ecommerce and multi-channel retail contact centre operations, competitor service comparisons, improvement recommendations, productivity improvement, benchmarking, in-house vs outsource strategy, partner selection and systems selection.

    icon-3Buying & Merchandising
    Stock for retailers is king. We support to reduce stock, improve B&M processes, sell more, integrate online and store and select B&M systems.

    icon-3E-Commerce Technology, system selection and implementation
    We will select the right ecommerce solution for you by using our extensive experience, deep understanding and importantly a detailed assessment of your needs.

    icon-3Retail Technology
    Underpinning your business needs to be technology that works, is fit for your purpose and can drive growth. We can support selecting, changing and implementing new systems or stabilizing existing ones.

    icon-3Mobile Commerce
    More and more customers look to alternative methods when engaging your business. Whether its finding product information, costs, store locations or actually buying, this important channel shouldn’t be neglected. We have worked with retailers to open this channel and realize benefits.

    icon-3Order Management Systems
    Making multi-channel work needs order management, stock visibility and synergy. We can help to define, deliver and implement systems to solve this and make multi-channel easy.

    icon-3Search & Analytics
    Getting traffic to you and understanding what it does is critical in increasing revenue and visibility of your business. Our experienced consultants can give you the advantage you need to move your online presence forward.

  • We offer a wide range of Retail consultancy services and methods.  Having worked, selected and implemented solutions in all elements of the retail environment for over 10 years, we can help plan and improve your systems and services.

    icon-3Retail Systems Strategy
    Where your business will be in the next 3-5 years needs to be underpinned by systems and technology. We can help understand your business strategy and how that will ripple and impact systems, what infrastructure and solutions will need to be stabilized and changed and to what.

    icon-3Warehousing & Logistics
    Making sure your stores and customers have the right stock in the right place at the right time is crucial. We will work with you to resolve warehouse issues, define processes and systems to make an efficient operation.

    icon-3Merchandising Systems & Technology
    Allocating, replenishing and making decisions on stock is something systems help make easier. Having the right system to do this is paramount. We can help to drive your existing system or choose a replacement.

    icon-3Store Retail Systems Selection & Implementation
    Whether it is point of sale, footfall counters, fraud and loss prevention or staff management systems we have experience in selecting and implementing systems in all areas of store technology.

    icon-3Retail Hardware Selection & Implementation
    Having the right hardware and infrastructure that supports you now and in the next 3-5 years is critical. We have worked to define support and break fix agreements, select hardware and manage rollouts and refreshes to stores.

  • We offer a wide range of consultancy services and methods.  Having worked within senior roles for major retailers for over 10 years, we can help support your business in a variety or short term or long term roles.

    Support or sole responsibility defining strategy’s for systems, technology expansion, growth or replacement is something we specialize in. Engaging all levels of your business we will work to produce relevant, supportive information defining your strategy for the next 3-5yrs.

    icon-3Systems Selection and Support
    Understanding your business needs and growth plans, requirements and strategy will help us to lead the selection of new systems. We have led the entire process for multi-million £ contracts, from requirements, market analysis, scoring, presentations through to contract negotiations and implementation.

    Think an area of your business can be improved but unsure how? We can use our experience and knowledge to work to assess and recommend enhancements and improvements.

    icon-3Programme & Project Management
    Finding an experienced Programme or Project Manager who has delivered many large programmes can be difficult. We can provide this either to setup and structure your team, provide checkpoints and stage assessments or lead the whole end-to-end implementation.

    icon-3Interim Role Support
    If you are unable to find a suitable candidate for a position we are able to parachute one of our team in to support you.